GO Alex Grassroots Campaign

Undeland Management oversees grassroots outreach for the City of Alexandria’s “GO Alex” campaign to encourage greater usage of alternatives to solo commuting in automobiles. UM identifies and schedules deployments at high-foot-traffic events in the City where our GO-Alex-branded “street teams” set up a tent and engage the public .

Since starting in 2016, UM’s teams have appeared at hundreds of fairs, festivals, art shows walk/runs and other community events. We use interactive games and other means to engage people who work or live in the City. More then 4,00 individuals to date have signed pledges to try commuting alternatives where we have engaged more then 22,000 individuals through the end of 2018.

UM takes a highly systematic approach to tracking the events, ensuring the value of the highly coordinated effort is clearly documented. We track the number of individual engagements, conversations, materials distributed, pledges and other metrics and detail the totals in at-a-glance dashboards. Beyond making the most of existing public events, UM constantly explores additional venues and approaches to reach the largest number of commuters, helping to keep Alexandria on the move.