Finding Alexandra has been a complete game-changer to my career. She saw a light in me when no one else believed in me. She led me in faith and she would not let me give up. Not only did we walk by faith together, but her wisdom and hard work opened doors that I wouldn’t ever have known existed. I actually had a list of professional dreams and, with her guidance, each of them are coming true. I trust her and love working with her so much that our relationship has blossomed from not only manager but to business partner.

Rosie Mercado / Host of National Talk Show Face the Truth
We all have hopes, dreams and goals that we wish to fulfill. Many fall short due to fear, frustration, naysayers and a lack of patience while on the journey. The work that Alexandra Boos is doing is essential. She is giving women an unorthodox approach to endure the journey and fulfill their dreams. When many hear the word “faith’ they immediately think of a religious affiliation. But faith, stripped away from religion is a powerful belief in yourself and a tremendous part of the force that will carry you through the journey to fulfill your dreams. Alexandra Boos is empowering women by encouraging the activation of soul stirring tools like faith, love, integrity and kindness. As her friend and colleague in the plus fashion industry, I’ve watched Alexandra walk the walk and watching her guide other women from this soul – centered space is joyous and amazing.
Susan Moses / Celebrity Stylist and Author of The Art of Dressing Curves

To know Alexandra is to feel as if you were in the presence of an angel. Her light, love, and empowerment is in everything she does, be it pioneering in the plus size industry, her talent management style and the supportive friendship that Alex and I have shared over the last 30 years. I have seen her faith-based and heart-centered approach blast careers into motion across a variety of platforms in relatively a short period of time.

Emme / Plus Supermodel, TV Personality, Author, Creative Director and Motivational Speaker