Hear “YES!” Instead of “NEXT!”

Are you an up-and-coming model, actor, fashion designer, or musician ready to break out?
Hi, my name is Alexandra Boos, and I help talent just like you find the audience and fame you know you were destined for.
Are you working really hard and hitting walls? Feel like you’re getting nowhere and treading water, despite of the talent you know you have?
Over my years of helping scores of artists just like you reach their audiences, I have developed a proprietary methodology to pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back, and what needs to shift for your career to go to the next level.
I know exactly what it takes to get gatekeepers to open the gates widely, and for you to start hearing “YES!” instead of “Next!” Through our work together, we will develop everything you need to start getting the traction in your career you’re ready for–from your positioning and image, social media and web presence, and your overall brand strategy.
As a former model myself, I know how frustrating and challenging it can be to get started in a creative industry. Constant rejections and waiting, not to mention the cut-throat and cynical nature of much of the industry, make this a difficult place for keeping your heart open and living a life of purpose.
That’s why my work with you focuses so much on making sure you are approaching your career with authenticity, open-heartedness, and cultivating the right energy. I believe that a sense of purpose, gratitude and meaning is key to opening up the opportunities you deserve. If you are approaching your career from a place of service, everything happens faster. It’s all about intention.
Do you feel a call, yet you don’t know how to actualize that vision? Do you feel that seed in your heart, but you don’t know how to grow it into the career of your dreams.
I know the secret of how to grow that career.
If you’re ready for these secrets to be applied to your career, let’s get on the phone for an introductory conversation.
In this conversation, you will get:

  • A personalized diagnostic of what’s holding you back from the success you crave
  • Laser-focused coaching on what the next step is on your path to success
  • Tailored inspiration and motivation for taking these next steps
  • A seasoned talent agent’s honest assessment of the current market and where you fit in

This special first one-hour session is available for a super introductory price. You will not find the opportunity to get advice from an experienced talent scout and manager for this price anywhere else. Let’s take the next step towards your killer career together.
Ready to have the career of your dreams?
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